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The Beauty of Design 

Can beautiful design be defined or is it truly in the eyes of the beholder? At Nandina we believe that beautiful design is a fine balance of the personal and the definable. Your home is inherently an extension of you – your desires, your family’s personality and values, your idea of style and beauty. Working with our clients to create spaces that reflect beautiful design is our passion.  

fireplace with custom built-ins, home renovation, modern interior design, transitional designDesign by: Susan Victor, Nandina Aiken | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

Join us as we recap the highlights pulled from our newest edition of N Home Magazine, “The Beauty of Design.”outdoor living, views of nature, infinity pool, serene landscape

When this couple set out to design their family home, they knew that they wanted to live in a neighborhood but have a space that connected them to them to the serenity of nature.

Design by: Sue Shannon, Nandina Interior Design in Aiken | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

The Beauty of Lifestyle Design 

Lifestyle design is based on the theory of intentionally crafting a way of life or a style of living. At Nandina we often base our design on the theory that we don’t design rooms, we help our clients create a lifestyle. A home that reflects and reinforces the life you live is a home based on beautiful lifestyle design. family living room, coiffured ceiling, performance fabrics, design with balance

Although the great room, kitchen and dining area are the epitome of sophisticated style, it is the heart of this family’s home. Performance fabrics, stain resistance carpets, and furniture that can handle daily use allow for comfort and the wear and tear of an active family with pets.

Design by: BethAnn Connor, Nandina Interior Design Greenville | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

wallpaper, natural materials, moody interiors, modern interior design, tone on tone

The most surprising element of design in this project is the lounge room. This couple was not afraid to work with color, texture and modern elements; they wanted their home to be an expression of their personalities…welcoming, stylish, and fun! 

Design by: Nandina Atlanta | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

modern interiors, color, accent wall, modern lighting

Throughout the design, textiles and color were used to add warmth and character, providing a modern aesthetic that is richly layered and reflective of our client’s personality.

Design by: John Ishmael and Johna Jamison, Nandina Atlanta | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

The Beauty of Functional Design 

A home is so much more than a beautiful showroom of perfectly placed furniture, rugs, art and accessories.  If well designed, every space within the home will serve the needs of those that dwell within it. A functional design addresses all areas of you and your families’ daily activities.  Great functional design is based on how you specifically want to live in a space. custom furniture, kid's playroom, functional storage

Capturing unused space under the eaves of the roof line is a perfect example of functional design. These custom-designed roll out beds work great for slumber parties or additional house guests for this active and social family.

custom furniture, kid's playroom, functional storageDesign by: Susan Victor, Nandina Aiken | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

urban living, entertaining space, functional living room, modern interior design

To introduce a more urban vibe we chose to accessorize the space more asymmetrically. Replacing original large mirrors with a Currey and Company buffet and art provided a beautiful look with the added extra storage she needed. 

Design by: John Ishmael and Johna Jamison, Nandina Atlanta | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

bohemian vibes, natural elements, texture, urban living

When previous clients approached Lori to design their new condo in Newburyport, MA they had just moved from a beautiful home in Charleston’s Low Country. They wanted this new home in New England to reflect warmth and comfort with a nod to the design elements from the Charleston home they had grown to love.

Design by: Lori Marvel, Nandina Aiken | Photography by Glenn Livermore Photography

The Beauty of Creative Design 

Creative design is ingenious and innovative, original and visionary. As designers we work to create functional spaces that fit our client’s lifestyles but ultimately judging the success of the design will hinge on the creativity of the design. It may be the use of color or surface selections in an unusual ways, or bringing traditionally outdoor product inside, or using furniture in new and innovative ways. historical homes, modern interior design, Charleston, south carolina

What we loved so much about this project was the rich historical feel of the architecture juxtaposed with the creatively layered modern interiors. The owner has a unique sense of style that is reflected in each room by incorporating into the design something personal, cultivated and striking.  

Design by: Ashley Diggelmann, Nandina Greenville | Photography by Shelly Schmidtoriginal art, modern interiors, modern lighting

Art played a big role in defining the personality of the home – quirky, collected, colorful – each piece used throughout was purposely chosen and intentionally placed.

Design by: Ashley Diggelmann, Nandina Greenville | Photography by Shelly Schmidt

kitchen renovation, tile layout, gold, kitchen design, open concept

The backsplash tile, a beautiful marble mosaic with gold inlay, drove the design. The combination of a warm marble style counter top and the addition of natural wood in select areas creates a kitchen that is the best of both worlds…dressy and casual.

Design by: Michele Merritt, Nandina Aiken | Photography by Shelly Schmidt