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Michele Merritt

Lead Designer


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Life is crazy and filled with so many wonderful, unexpected surprises if you are open to them. Processing the unexpected, while taking excitement and newness and molding it into my client’s dream, is all a part of my job—if you call doing what you love a job!

A native of South Carolina, Michele Merritt graduated with a degree in Interior Design cum laude from George Washington University’s Mount Vernon Campus. When she joined the Nandina family, Michele brought with her a diverse portfolio and a strong passion for design. As a Lead Designer in Aiken, her designs range from yachts to retail spaces, as well as commercial and residential projects. She has received several awards for excellence from ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), a professional organization for accredited designers.

Michele loves the challenge of introducing unexpected elements and pushing the creative process. Michele’s passion for design is equaled only by her love of family and all things outdoors. An avid traveler, equestrian, sailor, and recent fly-fishing convert, she finds inspiration and rejuvenation in all endeavors.

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