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Interior Design in Atlanta, GA


Our Atlanta interior design team is ready to meet you! Our Atlanta-area showroom is located in a standalone building in the thriving business and residential community of Sandy Springs.

The showroom focuses on providing aspirational room settings that inspire creativity towards your specific interior design style. What you will see showcased are designs that demonstrate our skill in working with color and pattern in a multitude of textures, with focus on our ability to customize pieces. Our showroom is frequently redesigned so that you can visualize how your very own space can be transformed when you partner with Nandina for your next interior design project.

Visit Our Atlanta Interior Design Showroom

6170 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 521-9303

Hours: Mon–Fri 10–5
Saturday & Evenings by Appointment Only

On-site parking available! There is available parking both at the front and at the back of our showroom, which can be accessed via a driveway to the left side facing the building.

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Interior Design Process

What to Expect When You Partner With Nandina

We do our best to make the interior design process as easy as possible for you. Learn more about our process below to see how we can help you customize your home or business.

First things first: come into our state-of-the-art showroom for a complimentary in-store consultation. Our showrooms allow you to see and feel every piece of a space so you can really immerse yourself into the design. After your complimentary consultation, schedule an in-home consultation with one of our interior designers. During this consultation, your designer will gather more detailed information to make sure they understand your vision and interior design style.

After consulting with you in your home, our team takes all of our notes and ideas to come up with an interior design plan for your project. We’ll consider your color and design preferences, lifestyle, and budget as we plan a space that aligns with your interior design style preferences and perfectly complements the lifestyle for you and your family. We’ll get back together to review the plan that our team has come up with. You’ll get to review mood boards, fabric swatches, proposed floor plans, and more.

Once a plan is agreed upon, our team handles all the heavy lifting: detailed measuring, fabrication of drapes and soft goods, and ordering and checking up on product delivery. We keep you informed throughout the process until it’s time for the big reveal. We’ll work with you to identify a delivery and installation date. On that long-awaited day, be ready to have your very own “extreme makeover” reveal for your new space!

Want More Information?

Explore our process in more detail.

Design Process

Meet Our Atlanta Interior Designers

John Ishmael

Co-Owner & Principal Designer


Johna Jamison



Alanna Frye

Associate Designer


Our Clients Say it Best

I was in the process of redoing my master bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and guest room when I realized that I needed professional help. The Nandina team came to my home and met with me and then developed a great plan for furniture, draperies and linens. They were able to pull everything together into a very cohesive, comfortable and beautiful design that I truly love. They were great to work with - I highly recommend them.

KathleenAtlanta, GA

What I appreciate in working with the Nandina Atlanta team is that they visualize a design based on the needs and goals of all parts involved and then based on the relationship built, they add the specific details to our liking!

BethanyAtlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept walk-ins at your Atlanta, GA interior design studio?

Absolutely! Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 am until 5 pm. You may also visit us by appointment only in the evenings and on Saturdays. We invite you to come explore our showroom and see the latest interior design trends. You’re also welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation in our showroom by filling out our consultation request form.

Where can I park to visit your Atlanta store?

We offer on-site parking! We all know how valuable on-site parking is in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Parking is available parking both at the front and at the back of our showroom, which can be accessed via a driveway to the left side of the building, if facing.

How do I choose an Atlanta interior designer?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an interior designer. First and foremost, ask lots of questions. Some to consider:

  • What is your philosophy about interior design?
  • Would you say you have a specific “style” in your designs?
  • Why is interior design important to you?
  • Have you taken on any similar projects?
  • What level of communication can I expect throughout the project?
  • How much input do you want/need from me throughout the process?

In addition, make sure you choose an interior designer whose work you have seen and like. To explore Nandina’s work, view our project portfolio.

How much does a professional interior design project cost?

Using an interior designer is often perceived as a luxury and as an extra expense, but the reality is a good design team will help you manage costs and bring real value to the selection and purchasing process.

Although the total cost will vary based on the size of the project, at Nandina we understand the art of investing in the right pieces while staying within the confines of a realistic budget. In the long run we believe that the end product justifies our value to your project.

I only need help with the design, not purchasing. Do I have to purchase furniture and products through Nandina if I hire you?

We provide design services at every level – from simple floor plans to full-scale ground-up design-build and furnish projects. We explore with each potential client what their project entails and at what level they are seeking support. Our design plans can range from a one-hour in- home consultation at $250 to a full-scale design-build and interiors budget. What we can promise is that there are never any surprises when it comes to your money. If you want only a plan we estimate what that will cost based on our design hourly fees.

We will share that estimate with you, and get your commitment prior to executing any work. If it is a long-term project a budget is pre – determined and you are kept informed every step of the way.

How much does the initial project consultation cost, and what does it include?

We encourage potential clients to schedule a complimentary in-store consultation first so that you can see our studio and meet our design team. During this 30 to 45 minute meeting you can ask questions about the design process, review plans, and discuss the scope of your project. We have become very comfortable with video conferencing and now offer this complementary design consultation via a zoom meeting.

For an initial, in-home project consultation with one of our professional designers, the fee is $250. During this visit, our designer will discuss your wants and needs, your color and style preferences, your budget, will look at your existing belongings that you’d like to keep and incorporate into your new design, and will also take preliminary measurements to estimate the costs involved with executing your new design.

How much would a one room design plan cost and what will the plan include?

The cost of a one-room design plan is determined by the designer based on the size, scope, and needs of your project. This design plan can include, but not limited to, a design mood board, recommended furnishings, additional recommendations as needed including paint colors, wall treatments, decorative accessories, art, and fabric schemes, pricing of all recommendations, as well as a furniture layout of your room.

If I approve the plan, can I change my mind?

Every designer will require approval prior to ordering any product for your project. At times, there are circumstances that require elements of a design plan to change and, in this case, timely communication with your design team is preferred.

Special ordered pieces/products are not returnable. In rare instances, a specially ordered product may need to be returned, at which point your designer may determine a restocking fee based on that specific vendor’s policy.

How does my designer communicate with me and vice versa during our project?

Different designers have different preferred methods of communication but as a general guideline:

  • Phone calls are always welcome!
  • Please email your design team with any proposed changes to your design plan. This allows the team to receive and acknowledge the change and get back to you with any pricing or timing changes.
  • If you have an emergency issue that requires an immediate response, please call your respective store directly (Aiken, Atlanta, Greenville).

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