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Susan Victor

Co-Owner / Principal Designer / Director of Marketing


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Great interiors are defined as much by emotion as they are by beauty. They make us feel safe, comfortable, inspired, loved, and alive. In my opinion, a successful design is one in which my clients and I collaborate to produce a space that reflects their personal style and delivers both emotion and beauty.

Susan’s role as designer inspires and permeates all other aspects of her job and fulfills her need for a sense of accomplishment. She loves every aspect of the design business and feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to be the lead designer on major residential and commercial projects that involved full-scale renovation or ground-up construction.

Being able to work with a team of talented and skilled interior designers reinforces her belief that great design often flows from team effort. She finds that collaborating with the creative crew at Nandina is one of the best parts of her work life.

Her love of travel and the history of places built by nature or by man is her muse. Her husband and their growing family of four children, their spouses, and children are her foundation.

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