Designer: Sue Shannon
Location: Aiken

This commercial project focused on designing the offices of a newly renovated family law practice where the father and son partners each brought a unique and different perspective.

The design theory of tension was used to create beautiful spaces that both men would appreciate, as well as play up their differences. Tension is the idea that design elements not normally paired can produce interest and layered richness to the eye. The Nandina team appreciated the way the architect had juxtaposed the aged brick interior walls and historical moldings of a 120-year-old building with a glass-enclosed conference room and a modern mix of dark gray trim and stark white walls.

This architectural tension became a perfect backdrop for the tension of combining a large collection of traditional hand-knotted, oriental rugs with modern furnishings and contemporary abstract art. Tension proved to be a successful element for the design of their office spaces and the growth of their family business!