Designer: Michele Merritt
Location: Aiken

These clients made a calculated risk by being the first of ten to build a home in a “traditionally designed neighborhood” that would ultimately fit their free-spirited and eclectic lifestyle. They both envisioned a house that was warm, inviting, and representative of their unique personalities; they just didn’t have the time or the resources to make it happen immediately.

They had lived in their home for more than six years before they began their fruitful partnership with Nandina. Their zest for life, the many interests they have, and their devotion to having a home that reflects their personalities poured creativity into this project. They loved it when we would throw in quirky or unexpected elements, like a cowhide rug used as a dining room tablecloth, or animal print chairs that perfectly color match their precious dog’s coat; no idea was off-limits. This home results in a reflection of a meaningful life and fully expresses their family’s journey.