Designer: Susan Victor
Location: Greenville

This commercial renovation and design project involved working closely with a talented team of architects and builders in the Greenville, SC area. The renovation centered on the concept of “adaptive reuse,” defined as a sustainable renovation of a historic building for a new purpose.

Every aspect of the building is designed to provide a unique experience for both the firm’s clients and their team. A pallet of grey, caramel, black and gold was consistently used throughout, which is reflected in a sophisticated combination of comfortable furnishings, dramatic lighting, and effective use of rugs and wall coverings. Inviting lounge areas, collaborative work zones, and formal conference rooms flow smoothly from one to the other, and the retractable Nano walls allow the space to transform to accommodate large client events and conferences.

Every aspect of the building reflects the firm’s commitment to transparency and collaborative relationships. The design of this office is a genuine mirror of the attitudes, expectations and commitments of the diverse group that makes this building their work home each day.