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Susan Victor And Charlie

A Letter from N Home Magazine Editor, Susan Victor

N Home Spring-Summer 2019 Edition Features “Living a  Layered Life”

N Home Magazine – Reflects Real Life, Real Style Brand:

N Home Magazine Spring Summer 2019

N Home Magazine Spring Summer 2019

The Nandina lifestyle magazine “N Home” Spring and Summer 2019 edition will land in mailboxes this week.   This free biannual publication is available online or mailed directly to you, therefore all you have to do is sign up today to receive our next N Home magazine.

In this edition of N Home Magazine, we explore the concepts of living a layered life.  At Nandina, we believe that all of us lead real lives, consequently, we have lives that are full of crazy schedules, kids, pets, commitments, and “to do” lists that never end.  Unfortunately, sometimes we think that if we have a real life we have to sacrifice having a home with real style. At  Nandina, our designers believe that real life and real style can live happily together in the same home.   That belief in Real Life, Real Style underpins everything we do for our clients.   Living a layered life, and using the design technique of layering fits perfectly with our brand of Real Life, Real Style.

Layering in Life and in Design:

I have always loved the concept of life as a tapestry, multicolored threads woven over time in a beautiful design that tells a story. Our own dimensional layers are like those richly hued threads in a tapestry. How our layers are woven together tells the story of our lives. Just as the personal layers of history, experience and relationships create more interesting lives, the layering of texture, contrast, and color in design can make a room feel richer and more nuanced.

“Living a Layered Life” can have multiple meanings, as the many articles of N Home suggest. Maybe you are adding a new layer to your life – like a new baby. If so, our nursery design article is a perfect starting point. If you want your home to reflect your multidimensional life, check out designer Jessie LaFalce’s Art of Accessorizing tutorial. We showcase a real Southern trailblazer, celebrated Shrimp, Collards, and Grits author Pat Branning and her multilayered life as a female radio celebrity and journalist during the 60’s and 70’s in Atlanta. Our cover story features a family home that illustrates how intentional design can create a home that is kid-friendly and show-stompingly beautiful.

With nostalgia, I recall how my own life was often chaotic and full of the competing demands of family and career. Now that I see my children having their own children, I relish the complexity and beauty of the many layers we all have in our lives. From newlyweds to busy families to midlife re-inventors, this issue of N Home reflects layered lives and the beautiful homes that tell their stories.

Enjoy some of our favorite layered designs below!