Designer: Lori Marvel
Location: Aiken

This project started in the midst of the global pandemic and for me, introduced an entirely new perspective to the way I design. When my clients approached me to design their new condo in Newburyport, MA they had just moved from a beautiful home in Charleston’s Low Country. They wanted this new home in New England to reflect warmth and comfort with a nod to the design elements from the Charleston home they had grown to love. I was excited to take on the challenge of putting the entire plan together remotely. It allowed me to explore additional technological resources and taught me the many capabilities a smart phone affords. Both grateful and reliant on technology, we were able to work closely together to come up with what has turned out to be the most fitting design for this well-traveled couple. The condo speaks to the many places they have lived around the world, amplifies their unique and personal art collection, as well as has provided a comfortable respite from the ever-changing global environment.