Designer: BethAnn Connor
Location: Greenville

When designing a home for a young, active family of four – lifestyle is front and center. This mother of two very active and involved pre-teens began the design process with a Nandina designer from the Aiken location and is now working with the Greenville design team where her property is located. She wanted a home that is open, inviting, and forgiving for young children and pets, but most of all, casually stylish in order to reflect this family’s lifestyle. An open concept living area of kitchen, dining, and living space offered a place for the family to gather, but was stylish enough to have guests for formal dining. A spacious downstairs recreation area fit the bill for rambunctious children and pets, as well as informal gatherings around sporting events like golf and football. All was ideal until the pandemic turned life a little upside down. The open concept living, which had perfectly fit their lifestyle, needed a bit of tweaking to allow for the flexibility required to accommodate the full-time classroom, office and entertainment that their home had to provide most of last year and continuing into 2022. The dining table needed to act as an additional study space, the great room required a more casual attitude and finding quiet spaces to have work conference calls suddenly became a priority. The end result – their home adapted to the change in their lifestyle, which is an excellent testament to the beauty of lifestyle design.