Designer: Atlanta Design Team
Location: Atlanta

This project began when my clients relocated to a newly built house in Morningside, one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Atlanta. We started the design plan with only their most important furnishings, art, and accessories; allowing the design process to begin with an essentially empty canvas. From our first design meeting, they made it clear that, although they had purchased a new home and had only minimal furnishings to start with, they really wanted their personalities reflected in every room. The initial design presentation was focused on presenting each piece of furniture as a sculptural element against the clean architectural palette of the house. The introduction of color pops in blue, red, and yellow were an intentional historic reference to the masters of the mid-century like Frank Lloyd Wright, who often blended the bright primary colors into his designs. Teasing out the personalities and interests of the couple in the design proved to be the most rewarding part of the project. Artfully placed vignettes provide glimpses into their travels and eclectic hobbies and scattered toddler toys pay homage to the real life that they live. In the end, their own personal style, described as a clean Mid-Century Modern aesthetic with a nod to Scandinavian influences, was brought to life in the modern farmhouse architecture of the new home.