Designer: Ashley Diggelmann
Location: Greenville

From the moment you stand at the doorstep of this imposing four-story row home in Historic Charleston, SC, you feel as if you have stepped into a different era. Coined by the local indigenous people as “Oyster Pointe,” this part of Charleston was originally enclosed by the walled and bastioned city that was established and colonized by English Settlers in 1680. Just steps away from the original bustling wharves of the city, this lovely little enclave of Charleston has been in use for nearly 350 years.

The house at first glance looks to be a Grande dame among the historic array of colorful row houses (some dating back to the 1750’s) tucked tightly together, lining both sides of the narrow city streets. In reality, the structure was built in 2007 under the strict guidelines of the local Board of Architectural Review and is a true testament to the board’s commitment to preserving the historic design of Charleston.

The imposing brick façade boasts a large, mahogany, double door entrance and wrought iron porches with double doors mark the upper floors on three sides to catch the breeze and flood the interior with natural light. Towering palms, camellia, ferns, and loquats dress the house with lush landscape and pay homage to Charleston’s historic love of walled gardens and profuse greenery.

When our client purchased the home from its previous owners, he loved that present in every room is historic architecture designed around the Charleston colonial style. The rich walnut floors, along with soaring windows that wash the rooms with natural light, and a towering curved stairwell that serves all five floors of the home provide a perfect foundation for the modern art and interiors that creatively infuse this home with beauty and personality.

The main floor has a traditional parlor furnished with contemporary 3D art, Barcelona chairs, and a Lucite waterfall desk with a traditional chair upholstered in cow hide. Wainscot panels that are exact replicas of those found in Drayton Hall, a historic plantation house on the Ashley River, line the dining room and are juxtaposed with a modern glass dining table, a modern bubble chandelier, and bright, quirky art that exudes personality. The next floor up is home to the master suite and the library, featuring floor to ceiling, paneled pine walls complete with a custom library ladder. Soft velvet seating, eclectic accents, and deep hues create a dramatic effect and frame the homes beautiful fireplace. Once again, the detailed layering of design is what adds so much character. From a collection of antique mallets that line the front of the fireplace like a modern-day fire screen, to the eclectic collection of antique cameras sprinkled around the room, every room throughout this spacious home represents the traveled and storied life of its owner.