Jessie LaFalce

Design Director & Lead Designer


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My inspiration for any design is the environment that surrounds it and the people who will be living in it. I experience design as an energetic flow and allow each room to tell me what it needs before discussing my clients’ functional and emotional ideas for their space; then I marry the two.

Jessie LaFalce joined the Nandina team in 2016 as a Lead Designer for the Atlanta location, bringing with her 25 years of design industry experience. As an integral part of business development and growth strategy for the company, she has also taken on the role of Design Director.

Jessie leads her clients through the interior design process much as an educator does, explaining each element of the design in such a way that her clients fully understand the reasons behind each selection. She brings a complete understanding of the principles and nuances of design, allowing her to translate the client’s emotional and energetic needs into tangible form. Jessie seeks a truly collaborative experience in which her clients’ homes reflect their wants, their needs, and ultimately their style, which allows her clients to develop full confidence and ownership in the designs she creates.

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