Welcome to our Latest Venture

Hi, I am Susan Victor, a designer and one of the owners of Nandina Home & Design, and I want to welcome you to our newest venture – a Blog!   Not like we don’t have enough to keep us busy – two retail stores and a full scale design business on top of lives full of families, pets, hobbies, and homes of our own to keep up with. Why do we feel compelled to dive into the blogging world?  The answer is simple, we love this crazy world of design and we want to share that world with you.  Often the finished design, be it a room, a bed, a new set of drapes or even a party setting is beautiful  and inspiring;  but,  it isn’t always a complete picture of the process.  Week to week we will share with you some of that process.  Inspiration, perspiration, and maturation – how it starts, the work involved, and the end product.

Joining me on this blogging venture will be many of our talented design staff as well as frequent guest contributors.  Our pictures are posted right here on the home page.  We want you to get to know us, ask questions, leave comments – talk to us!  We are real people with real lives.  When we first established Nandina we adopted our “real life, real style” motto.  It has remained our defining design philosophy, a belief that kids, dogs, parties and life do happen and no one needs to skimp on glamorous living because of them.   “Real Style” is affordable, livable, and accessible.  We will share our inspirations, ideas, and innovative thoughts on everything from Southern style entertaining (we are located in South Carolina and Georgia!) to our featured rooms of the week.

Join us as we share with you how to create homes full of  “Real Life and Real Style.”

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