Top it Off with Trim

Architectural elements definitely have an impact on the character of a home, and this is especially true of the interior spaces of the home. Decorative trim, an architectural element that is often used but occasionally under-appreciated, can make even the most plain-Jane room a dynamic and more visually interesting space, and can be used to connect various elements of the room – think of it as the ribbon that tops off a gorgeously wrapped gift.

Below are a few examples we recently came across on Houzz that outline how trim can be used to top off a room. Check them out.

The way the trim was incorporated into this room makes the wall seem more like a retractable screen, giving the space a more open feeling.

In this kitchen and dining area, the trim was used to connect the doorway and windows, giving more of the room’s elements a common reference point.
In this space, the trim is used to connect the first and second floors of the home.
Are spaces in your home currently topped off with trim?
Images from Houzz

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