Tips for Creating a Beautiful Cocktail Table

Cocktail tables are an essential piece of furniture for any home. They not only provide a place to sit a drink while conversing with others, but a space to show off your own personality as well.

If you find yourself at odds with how to decorate your cocktail table, this post is for you. Below, you’ll find some of our tips for accessorizing and creating a lovely cocktail table.

  • Use an uneven number of accessories to begin with, like three or five items, since cocktail tables are smaller. Select items of different shapes and heights.
  • Make sure these items contrast in finish from the finish of table. For example, a glass table displays wood nicely, while crystal glass or ceramics look great on wood and leather table tops.
  • Group your accessories in a tight, still life-like composition and place this grouping about 2/3rds of the way to the right of the table.
  • You can use books to vary height and add a little more dimension if you like.

Once you’ve completed the look, you can enjoy looking at the work of art you have created and be proud of its appearance.

You can find more design tips like this on the Nandina Home & Design website. Visit our stores in Aiken, SC or Atlanta, GA to find unique accessories to place on your cocktail table and all throughout your home!

Photo credit: Nandina Home & Design

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