Things to Consider Before You Purchase a New Rug

If you think selecting a new rug for the living room space in your home is as simple as heading out to the store and purchasing the one you think is the prettiest, think again. There are quite a few things you’ll want to consider before you make your final selection in order to avoid arriving at home with your new rug only to discover that the color or size isn’t quite right. Below are a few of Nandina Home & Design’s tips for selecting the perfect rug for your living room.

  • The size of area rug that you’ll need will depend in part on where you want to place the rug. For example, if you are planning to place the rug under a coffee table that’s in front of a couch, you’ll want to make sure that all four legs of the table fit around the rug and that the rug extends the width and length of the couch.
  • Also, think about the colors and patterns that are already present in the room on the window treatments, walls, and upholstery. A room with bold colors and patterns is best complimented by a rug of a single color, while rooms with subtle décor can be accented by a rug that can serve as the focal point of the space.
  • Rugs are generally made of either natural or synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are usually easier to maintain and cost less than natural fibers like cotton, wool, or sisal. You will need to select your material based on your budget and where you plan to place your rug.

You can visit our website to read more of our tips for selecting an area rug and many other design tips. Also, don’t forget that you can find a lovely selection of rugs on the Nandina Home & Design website, as well as in our stores in Aiken, SC and Atlanta, GA.

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