The Power Of A Pair – The Use of Symmetry in Design

We’ve all heard “the rules,” group in odd numbers, three is always best, less is more, but there is something about the power of two that challenges these rules. I am a girl that loves consistency, and to me using symmetry in design feels consistent and brings elegance to a room. Sure, we don’t all want to be “matchy- matchy” and that’s not what symmetry in interior design is all about. It’s about creating a look that brings uniformity and harmony into a room by using like objects, if not identical.

The easiest room to bring symmetry into is a bedroom, the one room in your home that needs to be calm and relaxed. There’s always an obvious starting point – the bed. Let’s do matching nightstands, a pair of lamps, great artwork and here you have a serene bedroom, a perfect place to unwind.

Another place symmetry plays a great role is when accenting a main focal point such as an amazing piece of art or a unique furniture piece.  In these photos we used pairs of lamps or decorative items to bring focus to a significant center piece.

Pairs also have greater impact in a setting. Many of the single items above are beautiful on their own . . . add a second and they become sensational!

In conclusion, symmetry is about bringing uniformity and harmony to your design. You don’t have to have identical matching pairs, symmetry can be achieved with like items. In the photo above, a pair of small chairs are used to balance the larger chair on the left side of the sofa.  In addition the pair of decorative pillows and pair of lamps amp up the symmetrical theme of this vignette.  Symmetry in design is a classic concept that can have a powerful impact in any room!

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