The Many Unexpected Reasons to Layer Rugs


There are many reasons to layer rugs; to add texture and color to a space, to reuse a rug you already own or to stretch your money by buying a smaller rug of high quality.  Also this is a great way to show your creative side and give any room a unique look. However, there are a few guidelines to follow for a successful look.


This beautiful Kilim rug would be too small to go under this kitchen table but by placing it on a natural fiber rug it is the perfect size. It’s always good to leave 12-18 inches of space on all sides so that you can see the contrast between the rugs.


Consider layering down a hallway to create a fun patchwork, using similar styles and color to create a unified look.  In this space the look is very successful because the rugs are somewhat simple and patterns are similar but beware…too many rugs or overwhelming patterns can create an unkempt look. 

In the living room dress up a neutral jute or sisal rug with a more fun expensive silk or wool rug to define a specific space like the seating area. The top rug can be just larger that the coffee table and fit within the sofa and chairs while the larger rug unites the entire room. 

The furniture in this understated living room would be lost on a large neutral rug but adding a red Oriental rug is a great pop of color. Putting the rug on a diagonal creates an interesting contrast between the natural fiber rug and the hardwood floor.

An animal hide rug can bring a lot of fun and texture to a room but often are not big enough to cover the entire area. The perfect solution? Layer it on top of a large neutral rug. This really allows you to show a beautiful rug while getting the comfort and unity that is needed. 

So why limit your imagination with just one rug when you can layer them, creating both functional and expressive design. Nandina Home & Design offers many gorgeous options from our favorite vendors such as Surya, Safavieh, Company C, Dash & Albert and Design Materials to help bring your dreams of rugs to reality.

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