The Fascinating Corinne Adams

Corinne Adams is an Atlanta-based artist who works in photography, mixed media and recycled glass.  Her work ranges from black and white gelatin silver prints…to mixed media work incorporating photography, collage, paint and varnishes on wood panel…to recycled glass jewelry.  In addition to her great talent, Corinne happens to be one of the most vibrant, positive and simply delightful people you could ever hope to know. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about what makes her so unique, she ‘let her mind wander’ and the responses are fascinating.

Corinne Adams in her “Wing & A Prayer Studio”

When did you realize you wanted to be an artist?

I ALWAYS loved art as a kid.  My mother and I made fabulous Easter eggs, Valentine boxes and Christmas ornaments.  We were always looking for a new way to see things.  But I don’t think I really let myself think about being an artist until I was “grown up.”  The college world didn’t encourage me to be an artist as an occupation, so I ended up in journalism.  Writing became my creative outlet.  I went from newspaper reporting to PR to designing brochures/films, etc. — but always taking art classes and “making things” on the side. When I had children, I delved more deeply into art-making, and I haven’t stopped since.

Untitled by Corinne Adams, paint & varnish on wood

You seem comfortable working in so many mediums, is there any other area of artistic expression you’d like to venture into?

I think of myself as a mixed media artist which allows me to go anywhere and do anything.  I love combining papers, paints, metals, plastics, glass, photography, digital arts…so that covers everything?

If you weren’t so talented and passionate about your art, what other profession would you like to try?

Architecture has always intrigued me.  And graphic design.  I’d love to be a dancer!

C Glass Cuff by Corinne Adams, recycled windshield glass jewelry

What artist, living or deceased, would you like to have dinner with?

For sure, the Japanese photographer Maseo Yamamoto. He is my muse.  And then there is Matisse.

How does art influence your design style?

Art influences everything, and I strongly believe that my photographer’s eye makes my life a more beautiful thing.  I can see beauty in a long string of traffic lights on the crowded freeway or in a mud puddle.  I am aware of proportion in everything, and I hope that translates into my design style.

Untitled II by Corinne Adams, black & white photography

Corinne’s images have been exhibited regionally and nationally, including installations in the International Concourse of Hartsfield International and LAX (Los Angeles) airports, in worldwide hotels and in numerous private and corporate collections. Her jewelry line, C Glass, is featured in stores from Atlanta to Grayton Beach, Florida. She is co-founder and past president of ATLANTA CELEBRATES PHOTOGRAPHY, Atlanta’s annual photography festival held during the month of October.  She is represented by SOHO-Myriad Inc. and Faulkner + Locke in Atlanta and 2 Rules Fine Art in Marietta.  Her studio is Wing & A Prayer Studio in Buckhead.

Meet Corinne and see examples of her gorgeous work at Nandina Home & Design’s Art Open House at our Atlanta location, March 22nd from 6-9pm!


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