The Essentials Part 2

Welcome to Round 2 of The Essentials!  Here are the other careful selections that you need to consider when putting together your first (or second, or third…) home: a stunning bed, impactful artwork, and a versatile chest.

3.  Headboard/Bed – Set the tone for the space where you lay your head every night.  Whether you love a tufted, upholstered headboard, a walnut four poster, a rustic platform, or an iron bed, it provides the foundation for the rest of the room.  The bed will determine what size bedside tables you need, what style dresser you require, and the color and texture of linens you will burrow under each night.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement with this piece!  Look at these fabulous beds!

Nandina Home & Design Custom Headboard | Our workroom can create a custom upholstered bed or headboard in any size, design, or fabric perfectly suited for your space!  Feel free to come in and peruse our wide selection of fabric and design options anytime! 

Fiona Bed by Four Hands | I love the finish on this gorgeous bed!  The grey wash really rings out the wood grain and gives a modern sophistication to the piece. 

Stanley Bed by Dovetail | What a wonderful iron bed!


 Custom Headboard | I found this lovely bed on pinterest, and I absolutely adore it!  The bold pattern and chunky nailhead are bold and daring!  You can easily see how this showpiece could inspire an entire room.


The Candler Bed by Hickory Chair | Atlanta’s own Suzanne Kasler designed this sophisticated, incredibly versatile bedframe.  By adding a tape and contrasting nailhead to soft colors and finishes, you get a refined, dreamy look.  It can look completely different by adding a pattern to the upholstery or a dark wood finish.  Oh, the possibilities!

4.  Artwork – Invest in one good, impactful piece of artwork that sings your stylistic song!  You want it to be a reflection of your story – where you are from, where you’ve been, or what you like.  Whether it’s a modern abstract piece or a traditional landscape, it will really bring together a room or inspire the rest of the fabrics in a space.  This does not have to be an expensive piece.  It can be as simple as blowing up one of your favorite travel images in black and white.  You could find an aspiring artist on etsy.com or shopscad.com.  Select a piece that will be hung over the sofa, fireplace, or in the dining room where guests will see it as much as you.  Here are a few great resources for beautiful artwork.

Original Abstract Oil Painting by John Ishmael | Nandina’s John Ishmael creates stunning, large-scale, abstract works of art that truly make a room.  I love staring at his pieces in our showroom each day…and imagining them at my house!


Hey Buddy by Susan Easton Burns | This original piece by a local Carrolton, GA artist is one of my favorites!  She does breathtaking imagery of horses, inspired by her friends on her farm.  She also creates incredible portraits of dogs, birds, and many of nature’s other flora and fauna.


Paule Marrot Lillies | Natural Curiosities is an incredible resource for naturally inspired works of art.  They have fabulous cartography, animal sketches, watercolor landscape reproductions, and specimen art pieces.


Surfriders | Trowbridge Gallery offers beautiful prints and quality reproductions of photographs, paintings, and more.  I love this tryptich of surfers created from a vintage photograph.

Pureview | Leftbank Art has a diverse collection of prints and original art.  I really love this abstract landscape.

5.  Chest – The most versatile piece you can find is a chest.  It can hold your t-shirts in your bedroom, host your tv in your living room, or make a statement in the hallway.  If you select a well-made wooden chest, you can’t go wrong!  I have an antique one from my great-grandmother that currently hosts our television.  It has previously served all of the listed purposes and is in amazing shape!   Chests offer great storage, and although ours has held clothes and wrapping paper in the past, it now is filled with games and dvds for our living area.  You can buy a new or antique piece, just make sure it is a style that you can truly see yourself loving for a long time.  Here are some that I have been impressed with – for quality and beauty! 

Murano Three Drawer Chest by Hickory Chair | This is one of my favorite chests of all time.  You can customize the finishes to create a multitude of combinations that can fit with numerous design styles. 

Julius Chest by Vanguard Furniture | This simple piece with great details could easily blend into any style home. 

Etcetera Criss Cross Hall Chest by Drexel Heritage | What a glimmer this would add to any room.  Whether it hosts a TV on top of it or is a sideboard in a dining space, it is sure to make itself known.

Curved Front Three Drawer Chest by Noir Furniture | I adore the vintage grey finish on this piece.  I also like the play on traditional tassels as the pulls for the drawers.  This would make a gorgeous dresser in any bedroom. 

Copenhagen Chest by Four Hands | I love the mid-century style of this piece.  This would look equally fabulous used in an entry or as a bedside table.

Have a wonderful time selecting the perfect pieces for your new (or old) place!  Let us, at Nandina, know if you would like any help, and we’ll be happy to assist in any way possible!  Have a fabulous week!

See the best,

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