The Essentials Part 1

As we launch into summer, many of you are celebrating a graduation and looking forward to moving into your first apartment, house, studio, etc!  Congratulations! 

To help you in your quest to achieve your perfect first place, we’ve compiled a list of the top five pieces you should invest in for your home.  These pieces are the ones that you should carefully select, so that you will still have them and love them for years to come.  These are the pieces that you spend the most time sitting upon, looking at, and using, so they will get the most wear and need to be the most durable.   We’ll feature a few of our favorite pieces today and a couple more tomorrow! 

  1. Sofa – Select a sofa that is comfortable, simple, and well-made.  You will spend more hours than you care to admit napping, watching tv, reading, and perusing facebook on your laptop on your sofa.  Also, this is the piece that sets the tone –stylistically and comfortwise – for the most visited room in the home.  Your guests will watch football games from, spill wine on, and sleep on your sofa for years to come.  I suggest a textured (to hide any accidental spills), neutral-toned (so that you do not tire of its style quickly), and durable (or scotchguard treated) fabric.  Make sure you examine the warranties on any sofa you buy.  Ideally, you want a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a 5-10 year warranty on the fabric and cushions.   Take your time with this piece and try to stay classic.  You can go trendy with pillows, chairs, and accessories that are less expensive to replace when you no longer want the bold orange mod print.  Here are a few of my favorites right now!  

1663-32  Two Cushion Sofa by Lee Industries | Isn’t this a lovely, transitional style?  

Hickory Chair 9th Street Sofa | This sofa can be made to measure any length you want!  I love its modern vibe. 

 Albert Sofa by Hickory Chair | This is one of their newest frames, and the mid-century modern style is one that is both popular and lasting.


Melrose Sofa by Vanguard | This beautiful frame is part of the Michael Weiss collection, and he consistently brings a fresh perspective to his pieces.  This sofa is sure to make a lasting impression as well as be long-lasting.  

Jens Sofa by Hickory Chair | This modern frame is a fantastic frame for any style of pillows and can be paired with contemporary or traditional chairs! 

  1. Dining Table – Everyone needs a beautiful, sturdy, and special dining table.  Whether it is an antique, a new, modern piece, or a farmhouse table, you want it to be a style that you have loved for a long time and can see transitioning into a future apartment, condo, or home.  Look through images on houzz.com or pinterest.com and see what you are consistently attracted to.  You can always change up the chairs in future years from wood to upholstery or from plain to pattern.  If you provide a sophisticated foundation, everything in the space will appear more expensive and stylish.   Here are a few dining tables that caught my eye of late.  

Collier Table Top and Base by Hickory Chair | Suzanne Kasler delights again with this stunner of a dining table.  With a host of finish options and a classic quatrefoil design, you can’t go wrong!  I also am a big fan of round dining tables, because everyone has the opportunity to chat with all those at the dinner table.


Belmont Square Table by Four Hands | This beautifully finished square table offers the warmth of wood with a fresh, grey, worn finish.  I love all the pieces in this collection!


Bilbao Dining Table by Dovetail | This farmhouse chic table is quite the statement maker!


Provence Square Dining Table by Four Hands | This transitional style is just the right size for apartment living, and it could easily transition into future homes!


Sienna Dining Table by Brownstone | What a gorgeous piece of furniture!  This table’s innovative ‘pizza slice’ leaf design allows for expanded seating for dinner parties!

Tomorrow we’ll reveal our next 3 essentials, let us know which pieces you love!  Nandina Home & Design can help you find the perfect additions to your home, whether it’s your 1st or 5th!


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