The Beauty in Maps

Every month, I treat myself and take a bit of time to visit Scott Antique Market here in Atlanta.  I am always on the lookout for new and exciting things, but I also have established some vendors that I revisit every time.  One such vendor is William Cawood.  His fine and rare antique maps can also be seen at/purchased on heritageantiquemaps.com.  The South African born cartographic guru is both a delight and a wealth of knowledge!  I love seeing what stunners William has on display each month, and usually end up with at least one in my car on the ride home.
Maps are a wonderful way to bring story to the artwork in your own home.  Perhaps you could hang a giant one of your home state in a prominent place.  Maybe there is a small nook that could use a muted tone, textural, antique map of your grandmother’s home country.  You could also collect them from your travels and create a gallery wall.  There are many ways to use them – for education, for memory, for storytelling.
Here are some of my favorite maps and uses of maps that I’ve seen recently.

High Street Market Blog Featuring Martha Stewart

Lucas Studio Project Featuring Gallery Wall of Maps


Recent Find For A Georgia Law Office


Gorgeous Map Wall From Ralph Lauren Home


Another Great Blog About Maps! Houzz.com

I hope you can find the ‘just right’ spot for the perfect map in your own home or next project.  Maybe you’ll just have to embark on an adventure and bring home a souvenir???

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