The Art of Accessorizing Bookshelves, Continued

Last week, our own Catherine Herascher shared some thoughtful and artistic ways to accessorize bookshelves. As she wrote, there are many ways you can put together a phenomenal display of books, magazines, and accessories for both formal and functional bookshelves.

Today we would like to continue in discussing the art of accessorizing bookshelves by sharing a short video we created titled “The Art of Decorating a Bookcase.”


As you can see from this brief but informative video, there are a few important design elements you’ll want to include. Light in each space will accentuate the items you use in the space, giving each space a unique and individual look. You’ll also want to include anchor pieces that add color and fill the space nicely.

Last week, Catherine also mentioned leaving some space on the shelves, which is also mentioned in the video. Shelves crammed with books and accessories can be a bit overwhelming on the eyes. A bit of open space will allow for you to actually notice what is on the shelf.

We hope this information will help inspire your thoughts and ideas for how you will accessorize and decorate your bookcases. For more tips like these, be sure to subscribe to the Nandina Home & Design blog for updates sent straight to your inbox.

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