Texturizing Walls 3 Ways

I believe texture is a major element of any design. Lately I’ve been having fun with finding ways to add texture to walls. And when I say texture, I don’t just mean with paint.

Fabric can be added to walls in so many different ways. One technique I love is to upholster walls, probably because I am crazy about fabric (maybe borderline obsessive!). I’ll do a simple, smooth upholstery covering thin panels of plywood, usually 3/8” thick, working the size of the panel into the design. In this bedroom, I used 3 panels behind the bed in a natural linen with just a little padding underneath. Then to attach them to the wall, we just used velcro stapled to the back of the panel and onto the wall itself.

A second way to use fabric on walls is to add drapery floor to ceiling, no window required. I recently had a huge wall in a loft, about 20 feet tall and 40 feet long that looked huge and bland. So I had a drape made to hang as if there was a window, giving me a chance to add a really nicely patterned fabric to the room, helping break up the wall and making the space more intimate.

Another technique I love to do is using 1×4 wood boards mounted horizontally on the wall. A simple structure attached on the wall to nail the boards to creates a little space behind the wall to do clever things like hide wires and power cords. Space them about 1/8” apart, then stain or paint. I leave the wood a little rough, adding even more texture. This same idea can be made into a floating wall with 1×4’s on both sides. Hang this from the ceiling to display artwork even when you run out of wall space!

The idea is to be creative, have some fun, and add surprising visual interest to your walls with texture, and texture can be found in so many unexpectedly beautiful ways!

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