Taking Design to the Upper Limits – Stunning Ceilings

“Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in a room.” – Albert Hadley

The late Albert Hadley, like most interior designers, was able to see the potential for style in some unlikely places, like a room’s ceiling. Much like a wall, ceilings are just another blank surface that can become a significant part of a room’s design.

One of the best things about incorporating the ceiling into a part of a room’s design is the fact that there are plenty of ways to do so. Houzz outlined some of the ways you can tap into a ceiling’s potential a while back, and included some obvious solutions, such as paint (which will instantly draw the eyes upward and is much prettier than a plain white ceiling), as well as coffered ceilings, wallpaper, and others. Below are several examples of rooms in which style extends to the ceilings.

Willow Glen Residence modern dining room

Buckhead traditional living room

Rough Hollow Parade Home 2010 contemporary home office

Kitchen traditional kitchen

If your space could use a new look, dare to push design to the upper limits by incorporating style onto your ceiling! Find the look that best suits your space and go for it!

Images 1-4 from Houzz; images 5 & 6  from Nandina Home and Design

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