Style Is Not Something That Comes In A Bottle

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to style the store.  We all make decisions about what furniture and accessories come into the store but once we have it I get to put everything together, with some help of course.  Styling in a retail store is interesting because we want vignettes to look like a home but often we have multiples of items where there would only be one or two in a home. It can be a fun challenge!  As I have learned more about this side of interior design, I have come up with a few rules for styling and I would love to share them!


Not only is this image from one of our favorite fabric and wallpaper companies, Schumacher, it is also a perfect example of my number one rule, The Rule of Three.  This applies to styling any surface, a table, mantle or console, use three heights for a holistic look.  This image has a low bowl, a bottle and jar for the middle and the lamps are the highest.


This mantle is another great example for my Rule of Three, the key is the low box and other small pieces in combination with the height of the art and horns.  The middle level can vary and of course you do not have to limit yourself to three, in this case there are a range of heights that work together.


One of my other guidelines for styling is to Vary Textures, this bedside is a great example of that.  The art has a sleek look that is beautiful with the rustic pottery and wild feel of the flowers.  This is stylistically perfect to me, using both of my favorite rules flawlessly.


My third rule is very helpful in our store and can be applied to some residential situations, that is Group Like Objects/Like Colors.  In a space like a bathroom it can be used to accomplish a relaxing feel.  Here not only did the stylist use the first two rules but by keeping the color palette silver and white, a soothing space was created.


This huge coffee table brings me to my next rule, Books Books Books!  There are many situations when books can save the day, if a lamp needs to be raised, when there is a need for a little extra color, or like in this case, when there is a monstrous coffee table that needs a little filler.  Reach for the books and most likely there is a solution in sight!


Figuring out what to do in the center of a table can be a challenge, but by using my rules it can be one of my favorite tasks.  In line with my Group Like Objects/Like Colors rule, collections such as this one can be very successful in styling the home!


Styling a bookshelf can sometimes be tough but I like to use pieces other than books, as they have done here.  Turning books on their side can add interest, as well as small groups of things and random large pieces.  Have fun and do not be afraid to experiment!


This image impressed my by the styling of the bar.  By placing the bottles on simple white shelves it almost makes them art.  Also the decanters with different colored liquids on the mantle makes a great focal point.  Whether this is a permanent set up or just for a party, this is much more interesting than a traditional bar!

I encourage you to play with accessorizing your home using these simple rules.  I think you’ll be very pleased with the results.  And if you find you’re missing that certain piece to make it all work, stop by Nandina Home & Design.  We always love to help with accessories!



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