Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

I have a great love for claw foot tubs, as many people do.  It is unclear why exactly we love these pieces, maybe the history or the whimsy of them?  Whatever it is, they are always in fashion and each seems to be unique.  My tiny apartment in Atlanta features a claw foot tub, it is actually a “half tub” and too small to take a bath in but I love it simply for being there! I have selected some of my favorite images although the possibilities are endless!

white claw foot tub


This is your classic white claw tub in a space that feels very beachy and sweet.  The blue walls, jars of shells and art can take you away to another world after a long day.  I would love to unwind here!

white claw foot tub, green floral wallpaper


Here we have another white bathtub but there is a completely different mood.  I think this is one of the things I love about these tubs, they can adapt to many different styles.  This space has a French Country look.  The wall mural is stunning and really steals the show!

black claw foot tub, herringbone floor tile


What is not to love about this bathroom?  The palette is monochromatic, with the floor as the focal point.  Also I love the silver face garden stool. There is always room for fun no matter how sophisticated the room!

silver claw tub, glamorous bathroom


On the note of shiny things, I could not resist this tub.  This bathroom is glam all the way, from the fur rug to the detailed ceiling.  Another thing to notice about this space is the mixing of styles, the gilded mirror and tub with the clean lines of the cabinetry, and the mixing metals on the tub and mirror.

navy blue law foot tu


This may be my favorite image of a claw tub that I found in my digging.  The old world charm of the floors and beautiful floral curtains speak to my heart.  And of course the tub is blue!

red claw foot tub, toile wallpaper


Now for some real color, this is red done right!  The wonderful tub and lovely toile wallpaper bring the look together,  the rest of the space is white as to not confuse the eye.

freestanding tub


Although this is not a claw foot tub, I could not resist using this image.  The space is styled perfectly, with the tub at the center! And how about that light fixture?

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