Southern Style

As a southern soul, I have a sentimental connection with many aspects of southern culture including food (fried chicken, collards, banana pudding), country music, weather (even the oppressively hot summers), backyard bar-b-ques, music, and, especially home décor.  Southern homes have a warmth about them.  There is an art to creating the collected, historic look of such a home, and so many seem to get it so right in the southeast.

Despite one’s personal style, there are several interior components that are consistent throughout such homes.  If you want to create such a look in your own home, you will certainly be well on your way by including the following elements.

An Elegantly Set Table – Southerners are notoriously great entertainers, and their dining tables reflect it.  We display our favorite pieces and style out the table for the seasons and parties.  Showcase your grandmother’s silver, your wedding china, or table linens at all times.  What’s the use in having such wonderful things if you never see or use them?

Family Portraits – Whether it’s an antique oil painting of your grandfather, a modern black and white photograph of your child, a collection of vintage photos of your extended family, or a painting of your greyhound, an inviting home always pays homage to those that love it and whom its owners love.  Sharing images of your family also lets friends and visitors know more about who you are and instantly makes them feel part of your life.  See how each of these portraits/portrait displays is unique?  The lab painting (7) is by one of my favorite local Atlanta artists and fellow art major at Presbyterian College, Claire Dunaway.  Isn’t he just precious?

Monogrammed Linens – Whether it’s bedding, cloth napkins, throw pillows, or towels, a southern home has elegant touches of monogram.  Monograms are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to any room.  You can use a number of different fonts to suit your taste or purpose.

Inviting Upholstery – Comfortable, classic pieces invite company to stay a while and feel right at home.  Select pieces that are guaranteed to last a lifetime and reflect your personal style that you will love forever.  You won’t be sorry you made the investment in these focal pieces of your home.

Something Skirted – It sounds silly, but a skirted chair or tablecloth can drastically soften a room and make it feel more relaxed.  You can also use this piece as an opportunity to add a special punch to your space!

Antiques – Whether they were your grandmother’s, or you purchased them to add some history to your home, display your antiques with pride.  Just having a piece or two can really add depth and story to your home.  If you’ve never delved into antiques, have no fear.  You can easily pair these special pieces alongside your modern and transitional furnishings.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from this month’s Scott’s Antique Market!

Fresh Flowers – If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.  Having flowers in your home is one of the most impactful final touches a space can have.  It makes a space look lived-in, and it shows that you pay attention to detail.  Whether it’s a small spray of roses, an enormous bouquet, or single buds throughout a room, flowers can truly make a statement.  Here are some professionally done flowers in varying formalities as well as a small spray that I did in my own home with some simple lilies, eucalyptus, and bells of Ireland.

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