Scintillating Shagreen

There’s a new kid on the block that’s popping up in every “designer” showroom at every Market. Furniture and gift markets are the magical place that retailers go to find the latest trends; what the designers to the stars are buying up to place in their famous clients’ humble abodes.


1. Shagreen Boxes


In today’s world of being politically correct, and socially conscious of all things, I’ll be straight upfront and let you know that not everyone will embrace this new trend. Scaly and gray and not so inviting on its own, shagreen (shuh-green) is the rough-textured skin of a shark or stingray, used to cover a variety of furniture pieces. When used in creative ways on beautiful pieces, the play of patterns can be quite dazzling.


2. Example of Shagreen Skin


3. Gabby Shagreen Sutton Coffee Table

Shagreen, like many of our recycled old favorites, is not exactly “new”. From the early civilizations to the Turks for sword-making, stingray skins were thought to bring strength and power to those who used it. From the eighteenth into the early twentieth centuries, French and English craftsman experimented with using the sought-after skins on candlesticks, decorative boxes and frames, and later as a veneer on furniture pieces.

4. Picture of an Old Shagreen Lighter

Today, we’re all in love with the elegant simplicity shagreen brings to a room setting, with a little bit of Art Deco pizazz. The production of fabulous faux’s has allowed widespread use, and a more tolerable price tag. One way to spot a faux is to check the raised white center spine. A real skin will have no two spines identical.

5. Arteriors Shagreen Lamp

6. Regina Andrews Shagreen Marilyn Side Table

So, if you’re longing to update your look and want to add a touch of the exotic, come see us at Nandina Home & Design where the possibility of adding a punch of shagreen to YOUR home, is limited only by your imagination.


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