Nature and Life Through the Hands Susan Easton Burns

Getting new shipments into our store can be very exciting. It’s almost as though we’re receiving presents since we are opening up boxes to see what new things we get. When Susan Easton Burns comes by, it’s almost like Christmas. Everyone waits around or lines up to see what new artwork she is bringing in with such anticipation! If you haven’t seen Susan’s work, you really need to stop by our store to check it out and you’ll understand.

I’ve seen Susan in action as she did a demonstration at our Aiken, South Carolina store a few years ago. I remember being so amazed by how she starts all of her pieces. She literally throws paints all over her canvases and continues to do so until after looking at the canvas at all angles, she sees an image appear. “The nature of paint is messy and I like to acknowledge that. This is a reminder that in nature, order comes from chaos” says Burns.

Susan paints a variety of subjects from nature such as trees, horses, dogs and other animals. “I choose to paint nature because I am a part of nature.” Burns explains. Susan’s love of horses allowed for her artwork to fit right into our Aiken store. Being a horse town, we have riders from all over the country fall in love with Susan’s work. Even those who don’t know anything about horses are captivated by her work.

Susan Easton Burns - Bakal

The color that are in the paintings are remarkable. Some colors are expected and others totally unexpected. Vivid and bold splashes of green, orange and pink surprise you. Although they are not colors associated with some of her subjects, amazingly they make total sense and add another dimension to Susan’s paintings. When I asked her what determines the colors she uses, Burns answered “Intuition, education, risk [and] time.”

Susan Easton Burns - City III

Although she has been formally trained and educated in technique, she likes using her hands and feet to push paint around.  “My favorite tool is my hand because it’s quick and direct” describes Burns. Her paintings are not always simply created. Great art comes with many layers and dimensions and may takes weeks or months to complete. “I know a piece is done when there is a balanced composition, and a story told” Burns said. When asked what the ultimate compliment would be about her and her work, Burns simply stated “I feel something.”

Susan Easton Burns - Sunrise Hires

Don’t miss out on our Art Open House on Thursday, March 22nd from 6-9pm at our store in Atlanta, GA. You’ll get to meet Susan Easton Burns and see her in action as she does a demonstration. We’ll also have several other great Atlanta based artist that we showcase at Nandina for you to meet and view great pieces from. For more information please call 404-521-9303.

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