Nandina’s Tips for Starting a Room Makeover

There has been plenty of rain and gloomy weather in the Southern states recently, which probably forced some of you to spend lots of time indoors over the holiday weekend. Perhaps all of that time indoors has caused you to see that a certain room in your home looks just a little dull or tired and is in dire need of a little makeover.

The thought of completely redecorating a room can be overwhelming to some, so we thought we’d share some of our own tips on how to makeover a room. To get started, look around the room before you begin clearing things out for your inspiration. For example, you may have a piece of furniture, such as an antique, that you’ll want to base your new room off of. From there, consider the following key points.

  • Be aware of the mood you want the room to reflect and choose colors accordingly.
  • Do your homework by consulting with a design specialist or paint samples on your wall to see how changes in light might affect color. You’ll also want to make sure that fabrics coordinate with wall colors and wood tones for the look you want to achieve in the space.
  • Don’t be color shy. If you feel a small amount goes a long way, use a pop of your favorite color as an accent in a neutral color palette with throw pillows, accessories, artwork, or even on an accent wall.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find just the inspiration you need to give a space in your home a refreshing new look. You can find tips like these and more on the Nandina Home & Design website. Also, don’t forget we offer full design services – everything from consultations to designing an entire home.

Image via Nandina Home & Design

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