My Love Affair With Paper!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love paper!  Cards, books, maps and photos; I refuse to go completely electronic in any of these areas, no Kindle, no GPS!  Now I am not saying that I will never own these items but it will be an addition to my “real products”, never as a replacement.  I like to print pictures and put them in frames, I prefer to pull off the road to look at my map and figure out where I am, I enjoy addressing an envelope and putting a stamp and of course I could not live without my books, there is always a stack of four or five next to my bed.  So I am always interested in exciting new ways to display my precious paper, my favorite being inspiration boards!


I love the feel of this office nook; the inspiration board has photos and fabric to encourage all kinds of creativity! Also with the shelving tucked in the corner, books are at an arm’s reach for quick reference!

This office has an entire wall that is a bulletin board.  What an easy way to change out family photos and keep up with upcoming events; you can even add cards and memorabilia as they have done here.


On this wall photos of different sizes and shapes have been arranged in what seems to be a random pattern but there is in fact an order to the chaos.  The creator has carefully balanced the pieces and used a few frames and organic shapes for contrast.


Similar to the previous photo, these photos have simply been attached to the wall with a single nail in a grid, a clean and simple look!


In this dining space clipboards have been hung on the wall to display and easily change inspirational images. This would be a great idea in an office, kitchen or child’s room for artwork and photos!


Although this wall is quite busy the layering is very interesting and easy to do, also using only black and white images would be beautiful!


This is one of the most interesting books displays I have ever seen.  In this case there are only books on the ledge but photos could also be mixed in, a great way to show those beautiful book covers that get lost on a traditional bookshelf!

Paper inspires me on a daily basis in so many ways. At Nandina Home & Design we’re fortunate to carry several great lines of cards like Quotables, stylish and functional Moleskin notebooks as well as the very entertaining line of Tabletopics games. Getting to sharing my love of paper with others on a daily basis is a wonderful thing!




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    wonderful…. miss you, Fresca!!

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