Meet the Nandina Team – Maria Rhinehart

For the last two months, we’ve put the spotlight on some of the members of the Nandina Home team so you can get to know the people behind the blog posts we post. This month, we would like to shine our spotlight on Maria Rhinehart.

Maria earned a BS in Interior Design from Lamar University and brings an impeccable sense of style and product knowledge to each project. She is also an extremely talented design drawing artist and produces our design drawings and renderings for our projects.

Additionally, Maria brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to our team, which helps us to stay motivated and inspired when working on our projects. That, in combination with her talent and savvy sense of style, has made Maria such an invaluable member of our team and will help her grow into a cornerstone of the team.

Below are a few links to posts Maria has written, showcasing her expertise in design and product knowledge.

Eco-Luxury with LEE Industries by Maria Rhinehart
Dream Home Design 2011 by Maria Rhinehart
Designing a Room for the Ever Changing Kid by Maria Rhinehart

Maria, her husband Nick, and the Nandina team at Maria & Nick's wedding last fall.

We will have more posts from Maria, as well as the rest of the Nandina team, in the near future, so stick with us for more inspiring design ideas, tips and trends, and more.

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