Meet Dixie Purvis – Abstract Artist Extraordinaire

I have known Dixie for several years now and her energy and enthusiasm towards art never ceases to amaze me.  I have been fortunate enough to have several clients that have appreciated her nuanced landscapes and rich layered abstracts as much as I do which allowed us to use them as a critical component of their interior design. Dixie was kind enough to spend some time with me answering some questions about what inspires her and how she creates her amazing pieces.

Abstract by Dixie Purvis as the focal point of this room designed by Nandina Home & Design

As a young child, Dixie was always the kid that was into art of any kind.  She stuck with her passion and became an Art major in college. She earned her art degree with every intention of pursuing a career in art, but as is often the case, life got in the way. With a husband in medical school and a family to support she ended up in the corporate world.  It wasn’t until years later, 1996 to be exact that Dixie returned to the studio and to her art.  “I was always able to satisfy my creative side with craft projects, during those years away from painting because I realized that if I was going to paint I would need to devote my heart and soul to it,” said Purvis.  She quit the corporate world and devoted herself to her new career as a full time artist.

Landscape XXII by Dixie Purvis

Dixie has the talent to paint in several styles, but early in her career she began searching for a subject matter that was a “deep well of material.”  Purvis explains, “Initially I was drawn to animal forms but very quickly I began moving into abstracts.  Abstract art offers an unlimited amount of inspiration and is a form of art that engages the viewer not unlike a conversation.  Often the viewer will keep coming back to the art; it really requires the most work from the viewer.”

Brown Landscape by Dixie Purvis

When asked how she begins a work and how she knows when it is finished she responds thoughtfully, “From a psychological view, I often know in my mind what I want to put on the panel. Whether it is a refrain from a song, an emotion, or a dissertation on how to be alone without being alone that beginning point will lead me toward a color pallet.”  She begins by sketching onto the panel and then adding big sections of color.  Because she uses oil on panels as her medium, she is often forced to wait for the paint to dry. This forces her to step away and live with the painting before she proceeds.  The work is finished when she has good composition, movement, a variety of marks, and is happy with the color and paint quality. Dixie paints with passion and treats it like a full time job.  She describes her best painting as occurring after four or five hours, when the “voices of the world” drop away.

Distant Field by Dixie Purvis

Dixie Purvis produces art that is hauntingly beautiful, evokes emotion, and inspires great design!  What more could you want?

Meet Dixie and see her work in person at Nandina Home & Design’s Art Open House at our Atlanta store this Thursday March 22nd from 6-9pm!


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