Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

With March right around the corner and warmer weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor space. Make this the year that you entertain outside with friends and family.


Throw an outdoor dinner party.

Read a book under the stars.

Dine alfresco…The possibilities are endless!

Whether you have a small patio or deck, or a large outdoor garden area, it’s all about how you make use of the space you’ve got.

Follow our 5 simple steps for making the most of your outdoor space, and enjoy the great outdoors this year – from the comfort of your own home!

1. Furniture.

Arguably the most important aspect of outdoor entertaining is the furniture that you and your guests will enjoy. It’s all about scale. If you have a small porch or backyard make sure you get furniture that fits the surroundings. Metal frames and less-bulky wicker will work well in smaller spaces. If you have a large garden with ample room, think about adding a sectional and a few chairs, or a large dining table to use for dinner parties. Mix in some occasional tables and garden stools to add tabletop space for drinks and food.


In addition to the usual pieces, like sofas and chairs, don’t forget about a cocktail table…we love these two options! { Polish&Patina | Summer Classics }

2. Add foliage and florals.

Although you might already be outdoors among the plants and trees, adding in additional greenery helps your space feel fresh and inviting. We love bringing in potted plants and herbs and strategically placing them near furniture and in empty corners. Real plants are great of course, but if you have an enclosed patio or are lacking a green thumb, there’s nothing wrong with going the artificial route! Fake plants require no maintenance and are so beautiful, your friends won’t be able to tell the difference! Adding some fresh floral arrangements (picked from your garden perhaps?) creates the perfect finishing touch.


Potted plants bring life to your outdoor space, even if you choose a neutral color scheme! { Decorpad | Top100homedecorphotos }

3. Utilize colors, patterns & textures.

This is the fun part! Decide what style and color scheme you want your space to have and then go from there. Outdoor cushions and pillows are available in a huge assortment nowadays, so the possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns…just make sure you stick to your scheme so the space has a cohesive look. Take a nautical route and mix a navy blue with white and coral, or go classic with black and white. Floral prints go great with striped fabric, and you can’t go wrong with natural fibers for the outdoors.


Mixing patterns of the same color scheme works perfectly, and the navy blue & white combo on the right is so timeless. { Coastal Lifestyle | How to decorate }

4. Lighting.

Just as lighting plays a huge role in your interior space, the same rules apply for your outdoor areas. You never want just one source of light— so here’s where mixing in different types comes in.  Candles are a must-have for any outdoor area. Whether you choose flameless or the real-deal, there are ton of great styling options including using large glass hurricane holders, arranging a few small candles tabletop, or utilizing standing or hanging lanterns. If you have an outdoor area with electricity, make sure your light fixtures coordinate with your style. String lights can add great ambiance if they are tastefully done…pick large white bulbs and make sure they are neatly hung. Landscape lighting is also wonderful for creating a magical space that highlights your backyard.

*Whether you’re enjoying a good book outside or hosting a dinner party, you don’t want mosquitoes ruining the mood…we love lighting a good citronella candle to ward off the bugs!


Mixing this modern fire pit with stylish floor lanterns creates dimensional atmosphere!

5. Accessorize!

Add in fun personal touches to your outdoor space to make it yours. Pillows, blankets, and rugs are great for creating a warm, inviting space. Leave out a tray for putting glasses and snacks on, and if you have an open-air space add an umbrella into the mix for additional coverage.  Vases, candle holders, and quirky objects are all great finishing touches.


Colorful accents make your outdoor space come alive! { Zillow | Architectural Digest }

We hope you found these tips interesting and useful! For more information on outdoor spaces, feel free to visit your closest Nandina showroom where our designers will answer any questions you have!

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