Magical Moroccan

Ahhh…dreaming of an escape to an exotic location? No need to hop on a plane. Everywhere you look, you will find fashion and home decor pieces that will transport you to a faraway place, without ever taking your feet off the ground.


Camels in Moroccan desert


Morocco is a beautiful coastal country on the northwestern tip of Africa. Sectioned off from the rest of Africa by mountains and the Sahara desert, it is an isolated gem, with influences more Mediterranean than African. Known for its stunning geometric designs, Moroccan architecture and visual arts have wowed the design world for centuries. A recent resurgence of interest brings stylish products within our reach, from affordable imitations to treasured antiques.




If you’d like to add some Moroccan pizzazz to your own oasis, try adding in some very bright colors, offset by stark white walls and dark woods. Here is an authentic Moroccan courtyard; and a lovely stateside imitation, sure to conjure up images of a distant land.




Brightly colored and patterned tiles, rugs and textiles are the cornerstone of Moroccan design. Rooted in Islamic culture, where it is forbidden to show a human form in artwork of any type, use of intricate geometric patterns can be found everywhere throughout the region.




If you’re not quite ready for a move to another continent, or a major cultural makeover, here are a few fabulous products that can get you started on your own Moroccan retreat.




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