“Tote”ally Luxe Totes from Graf + Lantz

“The luxury splurge I can’t live without – my Graf + Lantz tote”


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Graf + Lantz totes and accessories featured in our Atlanta store

As a designer I spend so much time on the road at construction sites, in home client appointments, or sourcing new product that I never want to be caught without my essential work tools.  Between my laptop, phone, Ipad, tape measure, paper files, and fabric samples I often feel like I need to carry around the entire design studio.  Maintaining a polished professional appearance while carting around everything I need can be quite challenging!   My Graf + Lantz tote is the perfect solution.  Several years ago while perusing the ailes of High Design at the Atlanta gift market with the Nandina buying team we all gravitated towards the spectacular line of totes and personal accessories booth of Graf + Lantz.  The discussion that ensued is typical when making product mix selections for our retail stores , “Love it! but at $225 – $450 for totes and bags – will our clients be willing to splurge?”   The team passed that year, but I didn’t.  The combination of leather and felted merino wool is professional, durable and exceptionally stylish.  It stands up to the daily abuse I dole out.  It looks as good today as the day I bought it over two years ago.

John with his Graf + Lantz bag

When I am in the studio I often sit at the counter working on my lap top and my Graf + Lantz bag sits in the chair next to me.  Almost every other day a customer in the store will stop and say “That is the coolest bag, where did you get it?”  It is universally appreciated by men and women from all walks of life and all ages.  This year I was able to convince the entire team that this was a product that fits our “Real Life, Real Style” brand and that we had to bring it into the Atlanta Store.

The 5 top reasons I love my  Graf + Lantz bag.

  • It can be overstuffed, but still hold its great shape and style
  • There is a special pocket for my cell phone, and who doesn’t need that?
  • It is water resistant and it doesn’t scuff like a leather briefcase.
  • It has all kinds of handy little compartments perfect for things like a small umbrella which is quite useful for unexpected weather
  • It is such a sophisticated yet stylish and hip look!


John's Bag

My Graf + Lantz bag is a luxury I don’t want to live without.  Believe me when I say, “it is a splurge that you will never regret!”  Stop in Atlanta and see our entire Graf + Lenz selection or shop a few of our favorite styles online.

various graf + lantz accessories

various graf + lantz accessories



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