London Lust

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things in the whole world is that magical two weeks that occurs every four years called The Olympic Games!  If you truly want to know the depth of my love, you can check out some images from my thesis here.

Currently, I am counting down the days until the Opening Ceremonies of the London Games on July 27, 2012!   We have only one month to go!  This countdown got me thinking about how much I not only love the spirit of the Olympics, but the culture and style of this year’s host city.

Classic, warm, British style has always appealed to me, and I love integrating plaid details, wool textures, and refined menswear into designs.  This chic style is applicable year round; it feels equally appropriate when all the windows are open and when you are sipping hot chocolate around a fire.

Here are a few of my favorite rooms and details that emulate this design style.

Design: Annie Brahler. Photo: Bjorn Wallander.

I love the warmth of this masculine bedroom.  The equestrian artwork is so sophisticated!


This bright, farmhouse-style bedroom has an English countryside feel.  I love thearchitectural details – the raw, knotty wood floors and the painted paneled walls.  The light color palette is so refreshing!


Nothing says coziness like a puppy sleeping on the floor.  This masculine living space illustrates that not all interiors that contain rich, traditional elements have to be dark.  I love the brightness that the massive windows and white walls provide this room.  They provide balance the heavy velvet furnishings, fur, and dark woods.


I love the raw, dark wood doors, the worn leather, and the hefty monogrammed shams in this space featured in Elle Décor.


This warm library looks like you could curl up and read for hours.  The warm light, raw woods, and book-laden shelves are just so inviting.

I can’t wait for the Olympics to arrive and imagine myself in the dreamy streets of London!

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