Lathem’s Favorite Rooms from Pinterest

I’ve never been as excited about a social media network as I am about Pinterest!  That is coming from someone who scores 100% on any extrovert test and a daily user of Facebook. I spend countless hours reading design, DIY, fashion, and fitness blogs, magazines, and articles. Now I have a place to consolidate my likes, interests, and new found ideas! This is way better than my tattered torn pages shoved into my ‘ideas’ binder on my bookshelf.

My favorite spaces in Pinterest land are obviously Home Décor and Architecture. Here are a few of my favorite rooms that I have pinned since the dawn of my pinning madness!

I dream about this bedroom! The first element that I adore is the shagreen bed. What a luxurious texture it brings to this room! I also love that the designer was bold enough to paint a wall as dark as this one. It would be much less dramatic without it. The impacts of the bright blue on the ottoman and the graphic pattern on the floor are fantastic. They stand out against a delicate backdrop of cool greys and aquas. The balance of this room allows everything to sing!

What a fresh living space! I’m immediately drawn to those fabulous horizontal striped orange drapes! What a terrific color and pattern punch. The floors are bold and unique, too, and help to nicely frame fresh, simple upholstered pieces.

This space is the definition of updated library. I adore the dark walls hosting the fresh, modern artwork and the stunning emerald patterned chair! Emerald is my newest color obsession, and this is such a masculine way to utilize it.

This is my dream dining table! I just recently purchased an original Saarinen Tulip Table base that was in the High Museum and sold during a renovation! I had a new powdercoat applied to it, because some children’s painting classes had had their way with it.  Now it looks fantastic…Next step – get a top!  What I love most about its use here is its pairing with these traditional chairs.  Mixing styles is a great way to create a unique look. Since it is unexpected, each piece stands out and becomes even more special. Also, the use of the oversize mirror here helps reflect not only the dining silhouette but the natural light from the window. Simply gorgeous.

Wow. Those chairs. These classic bamboo chairs painted in an electric green make such a modern statement. The warmth of the deep walls and bookshelves provide a gorgeous contrast (in color and style) to the chairs and roman shades. Once again, mixing traditional and modern together allows for each piece to be appreciated in its own rite.

Please follow me, comment, and enjoy sharing your own findings and creations from across the Internet and within Pinterest!

Happy Pinning!


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