Lady in Red

As Valentine’s Day is approaching we have been inspired to think of some bold and romantic spaces.  I have been especially drawn to red!

This space has many pops of color but the focus is certainly on the red walls and nesting tables.  The crisp white trim of the nearly ceiling height windows is a beautiful contrast to the walls and really adds drama while drawing the eye up! I am impressed by the simplicity and detail of this room.

Another red wall, this vignette looks like something I would put together!  The console is filled with stacks of books, greenery and small objects of interest; all of this is set against a delightful red backdrop that features some lovely art.

This exciting space features not only an awesome red sofa but also an adventurous red bookshelf. There is a lot going on in this eclectic room, the accessories hint that the homeowner is quite the jet-setter, from the globe to the suitcases and the wooden pieces on the shelf, nothing about this is boring.  My favorite is the large carved wooden bird to the right, I would love to peek into the rest of the house!

In this dining room the designer started with a neutral base and then had some fun with the chairs.  We have done similar things in Nandina’s Custom Workroom.  It is simple to remove the back panel of an upholstered chair and add a new fabric, this makes quite a statement!

Here we have a red kitchen done right.  The stainless steel counter and black back splash really let the fearless red cabinets show, simple red knobs on the stove  and black pulls on the doors and drawers bring it all together!

If an entirely red kitchen is not what you are looking for, a simple red cabinet can spice up any room.  This piece is great for storage and looks wonderful against this fun floral wallpaper.

What an eye-catching powder room!  The red wainscoting is dazzling and the red and white tile is perfect, with a simple marble sink and brass hardware this look is classic.

Birmingham Red Throw

If the commitment to paint a wall or purchase a piece of red furniture it too much, red accessories are a great place to start. This super soft cotton throw by Dash & Albert makes a wonderful, more subtle red statement.

Whether it be a red sofa, red paint or some red accessories, there is always room for a little adventure in interior design! Nandina Home and Design would love to help you find the perfect rouge!


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