It’s All Greek to Me!


What is greek key?

The greek key design has been around for many centuries, dating back to Ancient Greece. It was said to symbolize the eternal flow of life, the four seasons, and even crashing waves. The design was originally named “meander” after the flowing and turning river, Meander, in present-day Turkey. The greek key was the most utilized symbol back then— and still is to this day, remaining widely popular in fashion and interior design.

Why is this pattern so popular?

It’s such a classic pattern that can be interpreted in many different ways— and for that reason it remains ever-present and always relevant in the design world. The greek key works well in almost any setting: bright, preppy designs, traditional furnishings, upholstered items & floor surfaces, and in any color you can imagine. Today, the possibilities are endless!

Here are our 7 favorite ways to incorporate this pattern into your home:

1.Dark blue or black paired with white

This is such a timeless color scheme and really pairs well with anything. By choosing neutral and classic colors, it allows you to either bring in bold pops of color elsewhere or keep your home palette neutral without being boring. Plus the bold contrast between dark and light really lets the pattern shine thru!

2. Border pillows

This is perhaps the most versatile and easiest way to incorporate the greek key into your home. Pillows cost less than furniture or custom drapery, and they’re small enough that you won’t feel like the greek key is overtaking your home —perfect for someone wanting to try out the pattern! Available in any color combination and a variety of fabrics, you’re sure to find something that complements your space. We suggest pairing them with a fun floral or animal print if you’re feeling adventurous!


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3. Drapery

Drapery helps to pull a room together and make it feel complete and welcoming. Often times choosing a full-on pattern for drapes can seem like a busy design choice. Here’s where the greek key comes in handy. Instead of putting up curtains with the greek key pattern spanning the entire fabric, why not add a leading-edge border or a patterned valance? Simple, fun, and refined.

4. Floors

People often forget that incorporating pattern where they walk doesn’t have to just mean adding a rug. Rugs are typically a go-to for adding warmth, texture, and pattern into a room and they range in all sorts of styles and prices— making them a great choice. While greek key patterned rugs are fantastic, we also love integrating the pattern into the bathroom with gorgeous tile-work.

5. Chinoiserie blue & white

This is such a classic and timeless color combination…which is why it pairs so perfectly with the greek key design. If you’re choosing this color scheme, it’s really fun to mix different patterns together to create a unique space.

6. Home Decor

Already have pillows, rugs, and drapes? Not a problem! You can add the greek key design into your home with smaller accent pieces that go well with your decor, like lamps or a small chest. You can even find greek key patterned baskets, trays, mirrors, and vases— the design is so popular that the options are endless. It’s how you pair those items that sets you apart from everyone else. Stick to what you like and choose something that complements your existing decor!

7. Living room space

This is a great place to try out the greek key pattern, as there are plenty of ways to incorporate it. Whether you prefer a greek key patterned rug, a fun mirror above the mantle, pillows, or furniture pieces, the living room is a fantastic space. Don’t be afraid of mixing in different greek key patterns either! The key (unintentional pun) is to choose complementary items, such as an ottoman and rug, within the same color scheme.

However you decide to incorporate the greek key design into your home, one thing is for certain: it will stand the test of time. Trendy and classic don’t always go together, so when you find a pattern that is both, you know it’s a keeper.

Let us know which option is your favorite and how you incorporated this pattern into your home!







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