It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White

Black and white is one of the most classic color combinations there is.  Whether it be an outfit, a floor or an entire interior, the affect is timeless.  This duo can be quite modern or traditional and is a great base to add a pop of color.  Here I have found many examples of impeccable black and white design.  Enjoy!

black and white room with blue


Who knew that all this white could be so marvelous?  This space is absolutely lovely, the symmetry of the furniture makes the fireplace the focal point and the dark chests flank it perfectly.   The finishing touch is the subtle blue of the rug that is drawn from the painting, simple and successful.

white living room and bedroom


This lush space is a mix of modern and traditional.  The black marble fireplaces divide the room into bedroom and living areas.  The designer created a mostly white palette with a few light neutrals and hints of black to bring the look together.  The fresh flowers are the only color, that is all that is needed!

black and white living room


I find this space appealing because it is such a wonderful example of painted trim!  This can be a difficult look to pull off  but it seems effortless in this room. The chairs around the coffee table create intimate space with the fireplace.  The rug appears to be stunning and works wonderfully with the painting!

black desk, black and white room


In what looks like a studio of some sort, the matte black furniture is a great contrast to the glossy black floors.  The library in the back is my favorite part, I love the little nook filled with books and then painted white to stand out from the rest of the space!

black and white kitchen


This kitchen is amazing! The majority is white but the black details make the space; the counter-top and the windows really stand out.

black and white bedroom


Here is a beautiful bedroom that could be in a house in the Hamptons or somewhere in a tropical getaway.  In this image I was attracted to the linear elements of the bedding, side table, chair, rug and windows in the background.  Repeating an element such as stripes helps to unite a space and keep it from being boring.

black and white bedroom


In this room the white makes a beautiful backdrop for the stunning iron bed and bedside tables.  My favorite detail of the space is the stacking of the pillows, although the bedding seems casual I am sure much thought went into the entire look.

Although we love color here at Nandina, sometimes a simple black and white space in just what you need.  Let us know if we can help you create the perfect union of these timeless colors!

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