In a mellow tone, that’s the way to live

We all know the work of Atlanta based designer Suzanne Kasler and being that we are an up and coming Atlanta deisgn firm, I though it would be nice to do a “tribute” to the work of this talented woman.  Kasler is known for her classic design and sophisticated neutral color palettes.  I believe that the key to a successful tone on tone palette is neutral basics and subtle color, keep it cool and calm!

This living room by Kalser has very little color but great depth, the variations in cream and beige are stunning!  The focal point of the room is the fireplace and painting over it, although the difference is subtle the combination is perfect.  Also the dark chest and coffee table really shine on the light backdrop!

I have seen this dining room for years and just learned that it was done by Suzanne Kasler.  There are many things that I love about this blue on blue space, my favorite being the mismatched chairs and the color palette is a close second!  There are three styles of chairs around the table, who knows why it was done this way but I think it is wonderful.  Throw a bunch of blues in a room and I am happy!

This relaxed white on white kitchen is very refreshing, the open shelving gives a clean look while the island plays well with the blue knobs.  The color comes mainly from the accessories and produce, a great reason to have fruits and veggies out on display!

I find this space interesting because it is rustic take on tone on tone, which is not often seen.  The contrast of the wood and clean lines is beautiful, the walls are light and the dark curtains bring attention to the dramatic height of the room.

This sophisticated nook is a somewhat masculine take on neutral, the soft grey and cream are an unusual medley but they work very well together.  The champions of the space are the extraordinary accessories that really shine due to the simple setting!

This is one of my favorite tone on tone combinations yet, the lavender and silver-green are beautiful together! This looks like a very soothing bedroom, the seating area is placed perfectly in front of the fireplace and the small tables are just the spot for a glass of wine!

White browsing Suzanne Kasler’s website I found a wonderful quote “A room should be collected, not decorated” to me this sums up design perfectly.  This vignette is a beautifully done in soft tones, layering items and using different textures is a great way to add interest to what would otherwise be a dull console!

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