5 Rules of Rug Layout

One design element that always seems to puzzle our clients is the rug layout. What size to choose? What about the shape? Where should the furniture go? So, here it is, the post to answer all your burning questions! Here are the rules we like to follow:

Rug 3

#1 – When placing a rug in the dining room or any eating area, it is important that all of the chairs can be pulled out and remain on the rug. This is both to prevent a tripping hazard, as well as keep the corners of your rug from curling up. You don’t want your guests teetering on the edge with a glass of wine in hand!

rug 4

#2 – Front legs on the rug. Our favorite way to layout a rug is to have the front legs of the furniture placed on the rug. This pulls the furniture in to create a cozy conversation area. You want to make sure your rug is large enough for the room, so you don’t end up with a small rug island in the middle.

rug 6

#3 – Floating rugs. As an exception to rule #2, an irregular shaped rug, such as a cowhide, looks great floating in between pieces of furniture. We also love to layer rugs for an eclectic look!

rug 9

#4 – Bedroom layout 1- A rug should go all the way under the bed. You may leave the night stands off of it, but avoid putting down a rug the barely peaks out from the foot of the bed.

rug 5

#5 – And because every good rule must have an exception, a floating rug can work in a bedroom where the bed is pushed against the wall. In this case, the rug wouldn’t go underneath the bed at all, but rather float beside it.

Well, there it is, folks! We hope we’ve been able to de-mystify the art of rug laying! Everyone, of course, has their own rules, and rules were meant to be broken, but we have found these 5 rules to be tried and true in many, many, of our designs.



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