{Home} Office Space

We’ve found that the one room a lot of homeowners desperately need, but rarely have, is a home office. For various reasons, a lot of homes don’t have an appointed room or area for a desk— let alone an entire office space. If you have the option to designate a spare room for your home office, we say, go for it!

It’s functional, practical, and just plain satisfying to have an area strictly for office use. No more piling your mail on the kitchen island, or working from the sofa! When you have a functional and stylish home office you’ll not only have the space to get stuff done, but you’ll be inspired to stay organized.

Check out some of our favorite home offices that combine form and function!


This mid-century modern home office space brings in fun design elements with a patterned rug and Scandinavian light fixture. {Design by Jessie LaFalce, Nandina Atlanta}


Every great office space needs a sitting area away from the desk. This cozy sofa is nestled by the built-ins, creating the perfect reading nook. {Design by Susan Victor, Nandina Aiken}

Pale Pastel Home Office

This window seat is an ideal place to take a break from work and day dream. Plus, we love the light blue and white colors in this design! {Design source here}


This stunning home office utilizes a luxuriously monochromatic color scheme to create a sophisticated space. {Design by John Ishmael, Nandina Atlanta}


Custom built-ins create the perfect backdrop for this light and airy home office. Plus, they provide an ideal space to display the client’s memorabilia. {Design by Sue Shannon, Nandina Aiken}

Home Office Black Walls

Dark walls and eclectic accents create an edgy office area you’ll love. {Design source here}

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