Hickory Chair University

I have just returned from Hickory Chair University and I was amazed at this fabulous company.  I had never experienced a furniture factory but I have a feeling that they are not all like this!  The entire staff was friendly, all of the artisans were excited about what they do and the space was clean with open windows.  Now of course in some spots it was hot, but for the most part the employees were dressed comfortably and seemed to be very dedicated!  I am thrilled to now know more about how each piece is made and that they are each truly one of a kind!

Everyone that works at Hickory Chair is committed to constantly improving, I love these quotes posted by one of the employees to keep everyone motivated!

One of my favorite things about the factory was that everyone is cross-trained and multi-talented so every station is carefully organized no matter who is using it.

The templates are color coded for quick reference and are used to create the pieces that build the furniture.

This man is skilled at inlay; he was building table legs with great detail very quickly!  Very impressive

Here the craftsman is building a drawer; the thought and skill put into these pieces are why they last forever.

The factory only makes about a two week supply of each frame to avoid damage and to cut down on the amount of storage needed.

It was amazing seeing each nail measured and carefully placed on the decorative tape to create a unique look.

Seeing other designer’s ideas and creativity come to life was exciting and inspiring!


This beautiful COM (Customer’s Own Material) ottoman is being carefully inspected before it is boxed to ship.


We sell many beautiful and well made pieces from many great companies. Having seen the inner workings of Hickory Chair I now understand how truly valuable these companies are.  We are lucky to have the opportunity to educate our clients on these fabulous pieces of furniture and help find the perfect one for each person.  Come let Nandina Home & Design help you find your perfect fit!

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