Headboard Love

The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is obviously where you lay your little noggin every night – your bed! I believe one of the most elegant and versatile types of headboards/beds is an upholstered one!  Whether your personal style is traditional, modern, glamorous, classic, or ethnic, there is an upholstered headboard style for you!
Our Nandina Home & Design Workroom custom builds and upholsters headboards all the time, and they have created some incredibly gorgeous pieces for our clients! Over time, we have developed several signature silhouettes but are always on the hunt for new and interesting shapes and details.  If you have a design in mind or would like us to custom design one for you, just let us know!  Let your imagination run wild.  It could have solid or patterned fabric, diamond or grid tufting, or be seven feet tall.
Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve seen recently – from our custom workroom and beyond.

I love the boldness of both the fabric selection and jumbo nailhead on this headboard. 


Look at how tall this one is!  The headboard is framed as artwork!

Headboard by Nandina Home & Design


Check out this one that we recently installed for a client!  I loved designing the wings to evoke a cozy spirit.  The tufting also adds depth and richness to the soft wool fabric.  Please excuse the wrinkles in the bedding!  I snapped the photo pre-steamer! 🙂

Headboard by Nandina Home & Design

Here’s another design that is currently featured on the floor at our Atlanta showroom.   Isn’t it lovely?  For this one, we used contrast buttons and double nailhead to add detail. 

I found this amazing headboard on Pinterest.  I love recycling a mantelpiece into a headboard frame!  This architectural detail can really add interest and pizazz to your bed! 

If you are on the search for a spectacular new headboard/bed, please just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to work with you to design the one of your dreams – pun intended!  See you soon! 



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