Hallways Hold Great Potential for Design

When it comes to decorating our homes, we tend to place greater emphasis on the rooms in which we spend the most time in or those that our guests will always see. One space that you may not even think about when it comes to home design is the hallway. Like ceilings, hallways hold great potential for design, and since you pass through them many times a day, why not make them a pretty place to walk through?!

Many homeowners choose to use their hallways as a gallery space for family photos, but if you really want to make the space visually interesting, considering amping things up a bit with color, pattern, and texture. Below are a few images we recently saw on Houzz that hit the mark.

(1) This tone-on-tone look makes for a very sophisticated hallway. The mirror and pops of bright color make the space even more dynamic.

(2) Since you don’t typically spend a lot of time in your hallways, they are a good place to add a bold pattern on the wall. Here, the mirrors and light fixture play off of the shapes in the pattern on the wall, creating a cohesive look.
(3) This hallway is very rich with texture. The rough hardwood floors, paneled wainscoting, and layered display of photos creates a warm and inviting feeling – and you know the homeowners have enjoyed living and making memories here.

Is your hallway plain and in need of a makeover, or did you make sure to incorporate some style into it? Share with us!

Images from Houzz

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