Glamorous in Gray

In recent years, gray has become the color of choice when it comes to neutrals. Gray is fabulous choice, as it’s not too bright or too dark. From charcoal grays to warm grays to cool grays, it’s the perfect in between color that can add a touch of drama or evoke a sense of comfort in any space. Plus, gray creates a perfect backdrop for splashes of accent colors to be placed on.

Recently, this versatile color was featured in Elle Décor’s Color Code article. Check out a few of the spaces showcased in that article that use gray color schemes.

Notice how the bright green pops off of the gray walls in this room.

Photo Courtesy of Elle Décor

Warm gray hues were used in this bedroom to create a calm, serene, and romantic atmosphere.

Photo Courtesy of Elle Décor

And here’s an example of how Nandina Home & Design’s design team has used a gray-based color scheme in our own work.

Photo Courtesy of Nandina Home & Design

What do you think about using a gray hue as a neutral color to base a room on? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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